The Metroplex Softball umpires Association, Inc. registers, sanctions, and trains umpires as independent contractors to provide umpiring services to MSUA leagues and tournaments. The annual Umpire training (February Each Year) includes two classroom sessions held on two consecutive Thursdays and a 3-4 hour on-field mechanics clinic.




If you are interested in becoming a certified USSSA umpire send an email with your contact information (name, address, city, state, zip; home or cell number, and email address) to All umpire training includes rules, case study, a take home exam, and on-field training.


The registration fee for all umpires is currently $85 [$60 for USSSA (certification/insurance) $25 - MSUA Dues] and is subject to change by the USSSA National Office. This registration fee must be paid prior to an umpire being allowed to work any league or tournament game.

The official MSUA umpire uniform can be purchased from BOOMBAH.  The official shirt for MSUA league play will be WHITE. Umpires must also purchase, the new hat, shorts or pants. All of these items have the new USSSA logo. For tournament play umpires will be allowed to wear the RED, WHITE or BLACK shirt and should bring all three when working tournaments.


Umpire schedules are emailed and/or mailed to each umpire and will also be posted below after the league registration and schedule creation process has been completed. Only the original schedules will be posted. Changes or substitutions will not be posted. It is the umpires responsibility to work with the scheduler if a change needs to be made.





6-22 to 7-5




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